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Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia

What you need to know to travel

The Mille Miglia is a regularity race for historic cars, defined by Enzo Ferrari as the most beautiful
race in the world. It starts in Brescia and runs through the most fascinating places in Italy, all the
way to Rome.
The roar of the engines of the cars from the early 1900s attracts an international public that is
passionate not only about motor racing, but also about a particular lifestyle reminding the Belle
Epoque and Dolce Vita years.
From the punching of the cars before the start, until their return to Brescia, with the award
ceremony for the winners, the city is filled with many colours, music, and jubilant people, for an
event that is unique in the world.
Book a stay with us during this event and you will have the opportunity of a front row seat, to
greet up close the many VIPs from the show business, sport, and international politics who
participate as competitors in this splendid race.

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